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These Are Amazon Customers’ Favorite Car Accessories

If you spend a decent amount of time in your car, it’s going to accumulate some trash. That goes double if you’re a rideshare driver and triple if you have kids. The best way to keep it from looking junky is by having a car trash can. This one has a lid to minimize odor, side pockets, and is leak-proof.

Promising Amazon review: “I bought this for my car a while ago and it’s been a great addition to my car. I put it behind my passenger side seat as I usually don’t have people with me and I drive daily to and from work. This has helped keep my car much cleaner with the easily accessible trash can within arms reach, and me no longer having straw wrappers around my cup holders all the time.

They come with two of their own bags, I believe, but I generally don’t have any liquid waste that leaks into the bag at all, so I just dump it and reuse it. When the time comes that I don’t have the provided bags anymore, I’ll probably just use a plastic grocery bag in place of it.

Some of the reinforcing strip/stick thingys were a bit too long or I didn’t know where to stick them, but I put them in a place that seemed to help the can keep its shape a bit better, otherwise no issues with that. From the photos I had expected the opening to be made of plastic pieces, but it’s more of a pleather material, if you couldn’t tell (I couldn’t). That doesn’t affect performance, though.” — Bethany Roberts

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