Synthesis, Ahead Of My Time and Irish Gold impress

Synthesis, Ahead Of My Time and Irish Gold impressed when the horses were exercised here on Monday (Jan. 29) morning.

Inner sand:

600m: Showman (Aniket) 42. Easy. Majestic Warrior (Mustakim) 39. Moved freely. Higher Love (Mosin), Empower (P. Shinde) 41. Pair level. Ataash (Mosin) 39. Moved fluently.

800m: Koenig (Mosin), Etoile (P. Shinde) 54, 600/39. They moved level freely. Celestina (Vinod Shinde), Volare (Neeraj) 56, 600/41. Former ended four lengths in front. Storm Cloud (Mustakim) 52, 600/39. Moved well. Prince Igor (Aniket) 52, 600/39. Urged. Ahead Of My Time (Bhawani) 50, 600/37. Moved attractively. Blazing Bay (Prasad) 51, 600/39. Urged. Aerodynamic (Neeraj), Malet Spring (M.S. Deora) 54, 600/40. Pair urged and ended level. Kingsland (Vinod Shinde), Chieftain (P. Shinde) 55, 600/41. Pair moved together freely. Rising Power (Aniket) 55, 600/42. Pressed. Northern Singer (Mustakim) 50, 600/38. Worked well. Into The Storm (Santosh) 53, 600/39. Urged. Midas Touch (Prasad) 54, 600/40. Moved freely. Pure For Sure (H.M. Akshay), Fremont (Santosh) 54, 600/40. Former finished three lengths ahead. Magical Star (I. Shaikh), Lord Eric (H. Gore) 53, 600/40. Former was easy while the latter was pushed to finish level. Friends First (H. Gore), Dashmesh Dancer (V. Bunde) 52, 600/39. Former finished six lengths ahead. Dufy (Merchant) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. Cipher (Merchant) 55, 600/41. Easy.

1000m: Rasputin (Zervan) 1-9, 800/55, 600/42. Moved fluently. Regina Memorablis (V. Bunde), Silver Braid (Hamir) 1-9, 800/54, 600/40. They moved neck and neck freely. Aperol (Santosh), Winter Agenda (H.M. Akshay) 1-8, 800/53, 600/38. Former moved well while the latter was urged to end level. Irish Gold (H. Gore) 1-5, 800/52, 600/40. Responded well. Pamchavan (V. Bunde), Desert Classic (Zervan) 1-8, 800/54, 600/40. Both were urged and ended level. Trigger (Merchant), Murwara Princess (Prasad) 1-9, 800/54, 600/40. Pair moved level freely.

1400m: Chopin (Neeraj) 1-40, 600/42. Moved fluently. Juliette (Bhawani), Kamaria (app) 1-37, 1000/1-7, 800/53, 600/39. Former finished well clear.

1600m: Double Scotch (J. Chinoy) 1-55, 1400/1-39, 800/55, 600/42. Pressed in the last part. Synthesis (Suraj Narredu) 1-49, 1400/1-36, 1000/1-8, 800/55, 600/43. Responded well to the urgings.

Gate practice — inner sand:

1000m: Cascade (app), Helsinki (app) 1-7, 800/53, 600/40. They moved neck and neck freely. Ekla Cholo (Prasad), Major Saab (Merchant) 1-6, 600/41. Former finished a distance ahead.

Race track:

1000m: Definitely (Nazil) 1-1, 600/36. Pushed. Emerald Queen (Nazil) 1-00, 600/35. Moved impressively. Phanta (Aniket), Charming Star (Mustakim) 1-3, 600/37. Former finished three lengths ahead. Mighty Wings (Nazil), Stunning Visual (Shahrukh) 1-00, 600/35. Former finished four lengths ahead.

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