Report: Tesla Owners Can Now Transfer FSD, Free Supercharging

Tesla owners who paid for unlimited free Supercharging or the brand’s “full self-driving” capability may be able to transfer those features to another Tesla, according to a new report.

The news comes from Electrek, which says it “talked to two Tesla stores who confirmed” the change.

Expensive Optional Services

Full self-driving (FSD) is what Tesla calls its most advanced suite of driver assistance features. The system doesn’t make a Tesla a self-driving car, and the name has drawn criticism from safety groups as a misleading term for a limited partial-automation system.

The most sophisticated of three systems Tesla sells, FSD can react to traffic lights and stop signs, and steer around turns on surface streets.

Tesla sells it as a $12,000 option but has not delivered it as a finished product. Instead, some owners have received an early “beta-testing” version that was famously subject to a controversial recall limiting some of its functions last year.

The company also offered some buyers free unlimited use of its Supercharger network until early 2020.

But, until recently, owners lost each service when they bought a new Tesla. That has frustrated many owners – especially those who paid for FSD years ago and still haven’t received a working finished product.

Tesla has Gone Back and Forth on Transferability

CEO Elon Musk agreed to let buyers transfer the features to a new Telsa briefly in the third quarter of 2023. But he called it “a one-time thing.”

It’s apparently not a one-time thing. Electrek reports that “current Tesla owners with the FSD package and/or Free Supercharging assigned to their vehicles can either trade-in their vehicles for a new one and transfer the features or sign agreements to give up those features on their existing vehicles to apply them on a new order.”

The offer applies to every Tesla vehicle except the Cybertruck.

We would ask Tesla to confirm, but the company does not operate a media relations department or answer reporters’ questions.

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