Lucasfilm Games confirms Open-World Star Wars handled by Ubisoft

Huge news concerning the future of Star Wars games just broke out. Newly revived Lucasfilm Games reveals that Ubisoft is currently creating an open-world title set in the Star Wars universe. This marks the first time in many years that a company outside of Electronic Arts gets to play with the iconic IP.

Massive Entertainment from The Division fame is at the helm

The hits keep coming after yesterday’s reveal of a new Indiana Jones game. Today, Wired reports that Disney and Lucasfilm Games have big ambitions for the Star Wars franchise in the gaming world. And one key aspect of achieving that is to grow beyond the bounds of Electronic Arts.

Back in 2013, Disney and Electronic Arts made a multi-year deal that gave EA the exclusive game right for all things Star Wars. The result was a mixed bag. While the Battlefront series rose from its ashes, it failed to live up to expectations. Mainly because of excessive microtransactions.

EA just recently started to fulfill its promise with great single-player Star Wars games. We’re of course talking about Jedi: Fallen Order and Squadrons. Nonetheless, both in quantity and quality, EA failed to satisfy fans.

Disney announced just earlier this week the revival of the legendary Lucasfilm Games division. An iconic brand that is responsible for many of the best games of the 90s. Today, we learn that Disney has a lot more planned.

Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment is working on a full-fledged open-world Star Wars game. You’ll best know Massive for The Division games. Hence, the pedigree for good open-world action games is there. We also learn that the same capable Snowdrop Engine used in The Division will be used.

While we know the developer of this elusive new Star Wars title, Lucasfilm Games hasn’t shared any other details yet. But one thing is for certain as of today. The days of Star Wars fans being at the mercy of EA to deliver great games is over.

Lucasfilm Games also states that there is ‘room for others’ when it comes to licensed Star Wars games. It looks like we can look forward to more studios creating games set in a galaxy far far away.

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