EA to continue making Star Wars games after deal expires

Today, it was revealed that Ubisoft would be helming a brand-new Star Wars game. The game is in early development and won’t be able to be released until at least 2023 due to EA’s exclusivity contract with Disney. Given this news, many wondered if EA was done with the series entirely.

This is not the case, EA has confirmed they have more Star Wars games coming. We’ll likely get to see the series started under EA, Jedi: Fallen Order, conclude properly in a sequel or two. There’s also an extremely high chance EA will continue to develop Battlefront games and who knows, maybe we’ll see more than that from them.

This all likely means that Disney has decided to not pick any singular publisher for Star Wars like they did in 2013. This could result in more regular titles for the franchise as well as a diverse line-up. As mentioned, Ubisoft is already hard at work on an open-world Star Wars from the team behind The Division.

In related news, Lucasfilm Games has given Bethesda the greenlight on a brand new Indiana Jones game. MachineGames, the team behind Wolfenstein, will helm the currently untitled game. Due to Bethesda recently being acquired by Microsoft, there’s a chance the Indy game becomes an Xbox/PC exclusive but nothing is confirmed. There are next to no specifics about any of these future titles but the future is bright.

Could the recently revived Lucasfilm Games usher in a new era of classic Star Wars titles? Perhaps a 1313 revival, Force Unleashed 3, or KOTOR 3? Maybe, just maybe. We’ll likely hear plenty more about the franchise in the coming months and years.

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