Chevy Silverado EV Price Lower, Range Higher Than Projected

Chevrolet dealers have just begun taking orders for the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV First Edition RST. And already, it costs less than expected.

The Silverado electric vehicle (EV) has technically been on sale for a few months, but only in its bare-bones form, the 4WT (work truck). Chevrolet is preparing to ship the top-of-the-line RST First Edition trim to dealers. We expect trims between those two to appear later.

When Chevy first showed off the ultra-luxe RST First Edition, they projected an asking price of $106,895 (including a $1,895 destination charge). This week, they announced the actual price — $10,500 lower, at $96,395.  

That’s not all the good news for interested buyers. Chevrolet had estimated a range of 400 miles between charging sessions. But the final EPA-certified number, released this week, is 440 miles.

That easily bests the Ford F-150 Lightning’s 320-mile maximum and the 340 of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The RST First Edition is the model more likely to be attractive to those buying a family truck. It gets more power (up to 754 horsepower to the 4WT’s 510) and luxury-car-like creature comforts, including a 17-inch touchscreen controlling climate and entertainment functions. The latest version of GM’s Super Cruise hands-free highway tech lets it tow a trailer without much driver input.

About the Silverado EV

The Silverado EV doesn’t share a single part with the Silverado 1500 pickup you’re probably more familiar with.

It’s not GM’s first electric truck – the GMC Hummer EV Pickup takes that honor – but it’s likely to be the more common one. It features sleek sport truck looks, 4-wheel steering, and an innovative midgate that lets you store items longer than its bed can hold.

It comes only in a 4-door/5-passenger configuration. Under the sloped hood sits a front trunk with an available power-opening lid. 

RST First Edition models can tow 10,000 pounds but carry only 1,300 in payload. The 4WT tows 10,000 and carries 1,400. “After initial launch, Chevrolet will introduce a fleet model with up to 20,000 pounds max trailering with the max tow package,” the company says.

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