GM Heavy-Duty Truck Recall: Tailgates Falling Open

General Motors has recalled over 323,000 heavy-duty pickups because their tailgates can fall open unexpectedly.

Recalled models include:

GM has ordered dealers to stop selling the trucks until they have fixed models currently on sales lots that may have the problem.

The recall applies only to pickups with a manual tailgate with power lock and release, which have an exterior touchpad switch.

GM tells the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that water can trickle into the electronic gate-release switch, causing a short circuit. That electric malfunction can cause the gate to unlatch, potentially spilling the bed’s contents.

GM says the programming of the lock module means this can only happen while the truck is parked. But, NHTSA has received complaints of tailgates dropping open while driving. The company insists, “These complaints are likely attributable to the tailgate releasing while in Park before beginning a drive.”

Either way, you’ll want it fixed on your truck before you lose your cargo in a parking lot or on the road. As always with recalls, the repair is free.

Dealers will replace the exterior touchpad switch assembly with one adequately sealed against moisture.

Drivers sometimes miss recall notices, so check our recall center to see if your car has been subject to any urgent repair orders.

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